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The All-American Bulge May 1957

Best Diners in America
July 1954

New Court Finds Evidence of Silas Rogers' Innocence October 1951

New Court Wins In Hardy Case February 1952

Emergency May 1950

"Damnedest Murder Case You Ever Saw!" January 1952

He Found The Silent World
January 1957

New The High-Ladder Boys December 1952

The Truth About The Gas You Buy
June 1954


Bilbo July 6, 1946

Greenwich Village --- Tourist Trap November 29, 1947

Greenwich Village --- Tourist Trap Part II December 6, 1947

Readin' Writin' And No Strikin' April 21, 1945

The Original Miracle Drug November 27, 1953

The Sullivans of Sullivan's Hollow March 17, 1945

Star Merchants June 17, 1944


(New) Master Of The Silver Blades January 1950

(New) Revolution In Mississippi May 1949


Are We And Our Children Getting Too Soft? August 1954

Why You Live Where You Do July 1954


The Mass- Produced Suburbs - part I
November 1953

Rugged American Collectivism
(The Mass-Produced Suburbs - part II)
December 1953

Magazine Digest

(New) Dr Selye's Medical Revolution April 1952

MD Magazine

Doctors On Everest May 1985


(New) The Colossal Mr. Ratoff
July 1953

Humberto Mariles - The Jumping General March 1957

Million Dollar Dancer September 1954

(New) New Hope For The Insane October 1951

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